Pallet changing


Masterpiece for octabins

Now change pallets under octagonal bulk boxes easily

The operation begins impressively when the forklift drives in with the octabin on the pallet and the pallet-sliding device encloses the octagonal bulk box in a virtually form-fitting way. As soon as the pallet is set down, it is replaced immediately: With the help of the forklift and a new pallet on the fork, the operator pushes the old pallet out of the back opening of the PSV. Your actual freight, the filled octabin, moves smoothly to the target pallet. Perfectly positioned, it goes straight to where it is needed.

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"Simply clever!"

Changing pallets now easier than ever

Slide in, push out, finished!
The innovative pallet sliding device PSV by SW-Paratus makes transferring products from one pallet to another sensationally clever, efficient and cost-effective

Special advantage:
The whole process can be carried out by one person without much effort.

This is how it works:
The side walls, angled slightly outward, guide the pallet and its load into an ideal position. With a forklift, the new, desired pallet is placed directly in front of the unwanted one. By simply pushing forward, the exchange takes place almost by itself: While the back and side walls hold the loaded goods gently, the new pallet slides under the cargo and pushes its predecessor through the opening in the back wall. The whole operation is carried out without any unwanted pressure on the goods and is taken care of in seconds.


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