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Experience clever solutions for in-house material flow from SW-Paratus live at LogiMAT 2024

Live demonstration LogiMAT 2024

Entrance East | ES 10

Live at LogiMAT 24: our highly efficient combination of PSV-ULTRA and LIFTER!

Get to know our holistic concept for pallet changers and ergonomic pallet handling:

  • Euro plastic pallets
    identical in construction to Euro wooden pallets, hygienic load carrier
    flexible packaging system, reusable and ergonomic

Visit us at our stand ES 10 | Entrance East at LogiMAT. We look forward to welcoming you to the Stuttgart exhibition grounds from March 19-21, 2024!

SW-Paratus is your experienced partner for efficient and cost-effective solutions in intralogistics and warehouse logistics. Would you like a trade fair ticket or a personal meeting? Just get in touch! We look forward to welcoming you!


News gulf region

Beim Hands-on auf dem Marktplatz Innovation von Kühne + Nagel konnte unserer Palettenwechsler live getestet werden

Dubai impressed by pallet changer

PSV ULTRA makes its mark in the Gulf region

How can the flow of goods be accelerated, supply chains made more secure and workflow more ergonomic? Large companies around Dubai and the Gulf region have discovered that faster pallet changes are key to handling goods effectively. Following successful on-site tests, SW Paratus delivered the first 20 PSV ULTRA pallet changers by air and sea freight to ultramodern distribution centers there. Included was assembly and installation carried out by a team from the manufacturer.

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» Our story in the press review


(en) Automated pallet handling

automated pallet handling

Change and stack pallets with the PSV ULTRA LIFTER

Change pallets quickly and stack source pallets automatically, securely and neatly – the PSV ULTRA LIFTER links and simplifies several process steps, effectively increasing efficiency. The whole system needs little space and combines the pallet pusher with the automated pallet rack keeping the area needed to a minimum. 

» Automated pallet handling

Pallet changer with automated pallet rack


Successful partnering at the international hub FRA544

The SW Paratus CARGO project started together with the Swissport Cargo Services Deutschland GmbH in the brand-new cargo handling hall at the air cargo hub in Frankfurt. The holistic solution concept is tailored to logistics demands in the air cargo industry and reduces manual repacking to a minimum. SW Paratus’ concept covers two modified PSV ULTRAs as well as their specially manufactured steel pallets for storing goods in the airport's logistics hall. For optional shipment without a pallet, the goods can be re-palletized to transfer pallets also developed by us. With these, goods can be moved directly to the floor of the truck.

» CARGO-Project

With the PSV-ULTRA pallet sliding device you can change pallets in seconds
Rapid development of the pallet-sliding device and patented PSV ULTRA

five years SW Paratus

Inventiveness and successful development

Because sliding and pushing are easier than lifting, we had an idea: an ingenious device could greatly accelerate the arduous task of manual pallet changing. In addition, thanks to the thrust of a forklift, no extra propulsive energy would be required, at the same time relieving employees’ of back-breaking work. Our love for experimenting was triggered and the rapid development of the pallet-sliding device and patented PSV ULTRA was the result.

» Five years SW Paratus

changing pallets now easier than ever

"Simply clever!"

Slide in, push out, finished!
The innovative pallet sliding devices PSV, PSV-ULTRA, PSV-MOBIL by SW-Paratus make transferring products from one pallet to another sensationally clever, efficient and cost-effective.

Special advantage:
The whole process can be carried out by one person without much effort.

This is how it works:
The side walls, angled slightly outward, guide the pallet and its load into an ideal position. With a forklift, the new, desired pallet is placed directly in front of the unwanted one. By simply pushing forward, the exchange takes place almost by itself: While the back and side walls hold the loaded goods gently, the new pallet slides under the cargo and pushes its predecessor through the opening in the back wall. The whole operation is carried out without any unwanted pressure on the goods and is taken care of in seconds.

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