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accessories for pallet changer

Safe, practical, individual

height adjustment for smooth repalletizing

Quick set up as needed

In no time at all, you can adapt the pallet-sliding device to change pallets with large type-related height differences:

  • Our polyamide rails can be securely attached to the slider with pins and strong industrial magnets as required.
  • We can deliver rails in different designs and thicknesses tailored to the pallets being processed, get in touch with us!
  • With the practical holder on the side panel the rails are always close at hand.
Height adjustment for the pallet changer
Balance plates increase the pallet changer

adjustment plates for high pallets

Re-palletizing to high target pallets

If you need to re-palletize to very high target pallets, our 5 mm steel adjustment plates raise the entire pallet changer to the necessary height.

  • The adjustment plates are laser-cut in the shape of the foot sections of the side walls and outlet rails.
  • The steel plates have corresponding mounting holes and are powder-coated.
  • Several plates can be mounted on top of each other, if required.
  • The adjustment plates are permanently anchored to the floor along with the device.

slider base plate for various pallet formats

Made of strong steel sheet

On request, the pallet pusher can be equipped with a base plate made of very strong steel sheet.

  • Allows the repalletizing of pallets of different sizes.
  • The plate is bolted to the three supports of the slider if necessary.
  • For the adjustment of the pallets and the operation, a forklift truck is mandatory.
Base plate for the pallet slider

cover plate for safe pallet change

Protection for the discharge area

The cover plate is an effective protective element that secures the pallet's discharge area against accidental entry, unintentional access and the ingress of dirt and dust.

  • The cover plate is strong and durable.
  • Made of solid aluminum checker plate.
  • Can be easily lifted for inspection and maintenance purposes.
  • Designed according to the selected pallet-sliding device.
Cover plate protects the discharge area on the pallet changer
Impact protection bars protect the pallet changer

impact protection for pallet changer

Drive-in protection in daily processes

Protective bars protect your pallet changer from damage through operational vehicles during daily processes: especially robust construction using round tube with welded cross tube and base plate to be anchored to the ground and painted yellow and black. We also supply barrier posts, floor markings, barrier chains and the respective accessories to secure your pallet sliding device all around.

spare parts kit for pallet changer

Quick exchange without downtime

Take precautions for the worst-case scenario and protect yourself from downtime: the spare parts kit is equipped with PSV ULTRA's expendable parts and lets you stay independent of delivery times. Secured directly on the pallet changer, you always have the spare parts close at hand for a quick exchange without downtime. The handy spare parts kit is a smart addition, not only for pallet changing devices that are used abroad.

Spare parts kit for pallet changer
base plate for the pallet pusher

base plate for the pallet pusher

When anchoring to the floor is not possible

Use the base plate, if the pallet pusher cannot be anchored to the floor (underfloor heating, food-safe coating): The ground plate is made with two metal sheets (2,500 x 1,250 mm) that can be screwed tightly together on site. The PSV ULTRA is securely mounted on it with bolts. In the drive-in area, the forklift functions as a counterweight so that the pallet changer remains in place even in open areas during re-palletizing. For underneath the steel sheets, we recommend our anti-slip mats (on rolls).

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