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Extra function COMBI

Enables occasional repalletizing of narrower pallets

Regardless of whether EURO, INDUSTRY or GMA, each version of the PSV-ULTRA is adapted to the respective pallet dimensions for best results when changing pallets. In the PSV-ULTRA COMBI version, however, the lateral support surfaces of the roller-bearing slider (sliding element) are each widened by 100 mm. Thanks to this additional function, narrower pallets can occasionally be repalletized in the pallet slider in addition to pallets of ideal dimensions. The COMBI version has all the advantages of the PSV-ULTRA. The slider compensates for height differences between the source and target pallet. This makes it possible to change smoothly from wooden to plastic or aluminum pallets as well between wooden pallets of various types and qualities. For the use of plastic pallets, we recommend our models PalKU-01/-02/-03.

Changing pallets is carried out as usual by placing the source pallet with its load in the device and then immediately sliding the target pallet under the load with a forklift. Changing narrower pallets is carried out the same way, however the source and target pallets are placed exactly in the middle. Since there is no lateral guidance due to the narrower pallet, the re-palletizing requires a stable, compact packing structure or film-wrapped goods.

For companies that don't have room for both versions of the PSV ULTRA, the PSV ULTRA COMBI offers an attractive additional function for occasional use. This is not equivalent to two full-fledged systems.


Special version of the slider

Depending on how the load is packed, it is sometimes preferable to place the narrower pallet in the device aligned on the right or left side. In this case, the slider is delivered as needed with a 200mm wider lateral support surface.

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Here's how it works

The loaded pallet is placed on the slider in the PSV-ULTRA. With a forklift, the new, empty pallet is put in place and pushed forward. In seconds the source pallet slides through the opening in the back wall, and at the same time the loaded goods glide onto the target pallet. When the target pallet is taken from the station, the slider glides automatically back. Subsequently the source pallet can be removed easily.


Have a look at the video:

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Optimized to Industrial pallets and Euro pallets

Each PSV-ULTRA sliding pallet changer can be extended with the additional COMBI function. In our example, wider supporting surfaces of the slider allow the pallet change of Euro pallets in a PSV-ULTRA in the INDUSTRY version:

  • adapted to industrial pallets, 1200 x 1000 mm (CP1, UK-Pallet)
  • and allows occasional re-palletizing of Euro pallets, 1200 x 800 mm (CP2, CP5)

Ideal ergonomics

Simply clever and cost-efficient: Now you can change pallets faster and easier than ever before with the innovative pallet-sliding device PSV-ULTRA: Slide in, push out, finished!
Changing pallets can be carried out easily by one person working comfortably with a forklift.


Clever and cost-efficient

Modular design, cost-efficient solution

The PSV-ULTRA can be perfectly modified to meet daily demands. Either to exchange contaminated or unstable pallets, or to switch from one system to the other. The entirely modular design offers many options.

  • Model for pallet widths of 800 mm (EURO)
  • Model for pallet widths of 1000 mm (INDUSTRY)
  • Model for pallet size 48×40" (GMA)
  • Model for pallet widths of 1200 mm (CARGO)
  • Slider element with automatic return function
  • Extra third support (heavy-load/light-weight pallets)


  • E.g. Packing plates to compensate for pallet differences, steel sheet (5 mm)

Technical Data

First-class workmanship

  • Length 1260 mm
  • Total length incl. extended slider 2520 mm
  • Width 1255 mm
  • Height 1155 mm
  • Length extended slider 1260 mm
  • Width lateral supporting surfaces Slider 200 mm (+100 mm per side)
  • Load capacity up to 1000 kg
  • Material sheet steel DD 11 / (pickled) EN 10111
  • Weight approx. 315 kg
  • Powder-coated, RAL 7016 Anthracite grey
  • Slider RAL 2004 Signal orange

Pallet changer and slider element are designed with the highest robustness and longest service life in mind. All constructions have their edges bent multiple times to ensure stability or are reinforced with cross beams. The PSV-ULTRA is anchored to the floor via existing screw holes.

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Users video

Pallet change under barrels

(en) Video repalletize pallet change 03

In the PSV-ULTRA COMBI, drums are repalletized from CHEP pallets onto plastic pallets with anti-slip.

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