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Always the right packaging

Which shipping packaging is best for sending your shipment of goods?

You want to pack and ship something, but you just do not know which carton and packaging system is suitable for your products? The devil is in the detail – as you say. That's why we thought about finding a packaging solution for our customers that is all-around stable, reusable and sustainable. Our new FLEXABOX® carton system offers a customizable design of the shipping package. Due its modular construction, our package system offers an ergonomic filling of the shipping box, as it can adapt cardboard rings piece by piece for an individual filling. The FLEXABOX® packaging system is ideal for shipping on pallets and your goods are always suitably packed!

FLEXABOX® packaging system
 reusable pallet container and flexible pallet box

individual shipping package

innovative FLEXABOX® Packaging System

The basic structure always is a cardboard bottom, from which the individual rings are adjusted. With our FLEXABOX® Corners, the basis for another carton ring is created – thus creating a stable shipping carton level by level. Finally, a lid is placed on the carton and the shipping unit is ready for strapping.

We are happy to provide the complete FLEXABOX®-System including the cardboard rings in any quality specialised for our customers needs. Of course it is also possible to procure the cardboard rings separately as well. Also you will receive our custom build connecting corners – so you will get your own individual, innovative FLEXABOX® Packaging System.

individual shipping package

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Always the right packaging

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FLEXABOX® pallet boxes

Excellent features for shipping pallets

The FLEXABOX® system makes the most of its advantages, when used for pallet containers or pallet boxes for shipping goods in logistic processes. First, it is perfectly adapted to pallets’ measurements and thanks to its modular design made up of cardboard bases, cardboard rings and stabilizers, it can be assembled in variable heights, to ensure secure packing of the goods and minimize cost-intensive empty space at the same time. “Pick and Pack” is a particularly efficient way of saving time and distance as well as preparing more items for shipment in less time.

After strapping and stretch wrapping, the FLEXABOX has a static load capacity of 2,000 kg and a dynamic load capacity of 600 kg. This means that aside from ensuring transport safety when shipping pallets, the reusable pallet box made of corrugated cardboard also offers tested stacking capabilities for transport and storage logistics. You can stack several pallet boxes on top of each other, saving precious freight volume on trucks while also making best use of valuable storage space.

pallet container, pallet box

Standard and extra sizes are always available

We have pallet boxes in standard sizes on hand directly from our warehouse:

  • Pallet boxes, standard EUR-size 1200 x 800 mm, best fit for EUR-pallets
  • 3 different ring heights: 265 mm, 330 mm, 530 mm
  • Material thickness: Triple wall corrugated cardboard, 13 mm
  • Stabilizers for flexible carton heights

Further measurements for a variety of pallet sizes are always available:

  • FLEXABOX pallet boxes, custom-made for your preferred pallet system
  • Made to fit industrial, Düsseldorf, Inka and GMA pallets, as well as half formats
  • Ring heights according to requirements, minimum ring height 200 mm
  • Material thickness: Triple wall corrugated cardboard, 13 mm
  • Stabilizers for flexible carton heights
FLEXABOX® pallet box

Individual shipping box

Choose your FLEXABOX® packaging system: individual dimensions and ring heights, sample copy on request!

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sustainable shipment packaging

More ergonomics and efficiency, a multitude of uses

When bases, rings, stabilizers and lids are easily at hand at the packing station, your employees can quickly adapt the height of the pallet box to the contents. At the same time, the ergonomic advantages will be noticeable during packing as well as unpacking, because employees no longer have to bend down over high side walls to reach inside the box. It is extremely comfortable, fast and efficient to commission orders via Pick & Pack directly into the FLEXABOX®. This way, there’s no repacking, the goods are already safely packed and the package is ready to be shipped. Finally, your company benefits from ideal shipment packaging that minimizes empty space, saves storage space and freight capacities and is also sustainably produced. Whether as a pallet container with maximum flexibility or a reusable goods carrier, use FLEXABOX® in your daily shipping logistics and goods transport or adopt it in intralogistics.

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