Pallet handling

practical solutions

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(en) Icons

Pallet handling

easier than ever

Changing pallets

Slide in, push out, finished!
Thanks to the innovative pallet sliding device PSV-ULTRA changing pallets is clever, efficient and extremely cost-effective.

Special advantage:
The whole process can be carried out by one person without much effort.

(en) Palettenhandling optimieren

optimizing pallet handling

Optimizing processes, accelerating flow of goods

Accelerate the flow of goods, benefit from process optimization and make pallet handling ergonomic and safe for your workforce all at the same time.


✔ practice-oriented solution, in use worldwide
✔ one operator, one forklift
✔ self-explanatory, ergonomic operation
✔ compact design, space-saving installation
✔ purely mechanical model, long service life
✔ no drives, no energy consumption
✔ yearly maintenance optional

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