Pallet changer

The fastest principle: slide in, push out, finished!

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Pallet changer

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pallet changer for transport, trade, industry

Profitable solution

With the pallet changer PSV ULTRA by SW Paratus, changing pallets in transport, trade and industry can now be accomplished in seconds: Whether it‘s changing from wooden to plastic or metal pallets, one-way pallets to Euro-pallets or when wrong measurements, defects or contamination make further use of pallets impossible.

Repalletizing from a wooden to a plastic pallet in the pallet changer PSV-ULTRA.

made in Germany

First-class workmanship

The pallet changer and its slider element are designed with the highest robustness and longest service life in mind. All constructions have their edges bent multiple times to ensure stability or are reinforced with cross beams. Each pallet changer has a slider with automatic return function and an extra third support (heavy-load/light-weight pallets). The PSV ULTRA is anchored to the floor via existing screw holes.

The pallet changer is adapted to the respective pallet format used:


  • E.g. Packing plates to compensate for pallet differences, steel sheet (5 mm)
Place the loaded pallet in the pallet changer, slide the new pallet underneath, finished!

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